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Dorchester Dems Lead Vigil Remembering January 6th Violence

January 6, 2022

Richard Bearman

Dorchester County Democratic Party along with the Dorchester County Democratic Club,

held a January 6th remembrance vigil to make statements defending our democracy on the year anniversary of the riots that occurred at the nation’s capitol last year. Forty people gathered and marched from the county courthouse to Long Wharf.

Mary Handley of the Dorchester County Democratic Club, set up a PA system and all were invited to speak. Mary spoke, followed by a dozen others, with Maris Wicker leading in song, “This Little Light of Mine.” The vigil closed with a moment of silence to honor the dozens of Capitol Police who gave their lives and were injured trying to protect Congress and our democracy. A final song from Maris, "Amazing Grace" closed the program.

People held signs that read “Democracy Now,” “Dorchester For Democracy,” and “Every Vote Counts.“ The crowd held candles and flashlights.

Speakers who share their thoughts and feelings included:

Mary Handley, Paul Riordan, Maris Wicker, Pam Gregory, Sputty Cephas, Elbert Green, Theresa Stafford, Lynette Wongus, Betsy Malkus, Dorothy Drahzal, Richard Bearman, Maya Wood, Robin Young and others.

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