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Did you know that Democrats outnumber Republicans

in Dorchester County?

We do! And we are working to show our true blue colors to our neighbors,        

our state and our nation!

The Democratic Party is represented by two different groups in Dorchester County. 

The official organization is the Dorchester County Democratic Central

Committee (, organized under the aegis of the

Maryland Democratic Party (


The DCC’s purpose is to elect Democrats up and down the ballot. We do that by recruiting candidates, presenting them to voters, and after the primaries, throwing our full support

behind the Democratic slate. The DCC organizes get-out-the-vote activities such

as house parties, candidate meet-and-greets, sign distribution, mailings, flyers,

etc. There are up to 14 members on the gender-balanced DCC, distributed

across Dorchester’s council districts (and we are recruiting)! Our monthly

meetings are open to the public.


Contact Dorchester if you want to get engaged.


Working closely with the party, the Dorchester Democratic Club provides space

and time for Democrats to be Democrats together. The Club respects and welcomes

all Democrats and promotes activities and goals of the Maryland Democratic Party

throughout our county. In addition to frequent social events, the Club has been

active in Blue Waves on Route 50, local marches for social and economic justice,

distributing signs, and electioneering. Contact for more

details about the Club.

Both groups work to support our party’s principles of social equity and justice across the

realms of health care, reproductive rights, education, child and elder care, housing,

criminal justice, and the environment.


For more on the Democratic platform, read more here.

Sign up on the website to become part of the Dorchester Dems.

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