About Us


The Dorchester Democratic Party is the Democratic Party of Dorchester County Maryland under the state and national parties. The Dorchester Democratic Party is led by a local committee. The purpose of the Dorchester Dems is to represent Dorchester County as a delegation to the Maryland State Democratic Central Committee. We seek out, train, support, and elect Democratic candidates in Dorchester County, State District, and U.S. Congressional District-1. Working with fellow Democratic volunteers, we are focused on building a strong Democratic community in Dorchester. 

Dorchester Dems promote democratic principles of justice, equality, and opportunity throughout Dorchester County, Maryland, as well as to elect Democrats to local, state and national office.

The Dorchester County Democratic Party members are elected for four year terms. Elections are held during the Maryland Democratic Primary within the gubernatorial election cycle. We direct local party activities, recruit and promote democratic candidates for office, encourage participation in primary and general elections, and fundraise in support of these actions. 

The Dorchester Dems work to keep the Democratic Party issues vital throughout the county. To that end we have:

  • Advertised for new members

  • Hosted non-partisan voter registration drives

  • Held rallies along Route 50 supporting democratic candidates for president, vice president, US Senate and Maryland Congressional District 1 

  • Provided volunteers to man phone banks calling registered democratic voters during election cycles

  • Distributed candidate information sheets to local neighborhoods

  • Staffed tables at community events

  • Hosted candidate meet and greet events


Our meetings are held on the second Wednesday evening of the month. They are promoted on our website, FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram. Follow our social media to keep apprised of activities and how you can volunteer.


Sign up on the website to become part of the Dorchester Dems.


Democrats believe health care is a right, diversity is a strength, the economy should work for everyone, and facts and truth matter. Whether it's health care, the economy, education, gun reform, equal pay, voting rights, national security, or the climate crisis, the Democratic Party understands that there's no single issue that matters more than the rest. Democrats are tackling these issues and others every day.

The Democratic Party writes and adopts a new party platform at each Democratic National Convention to detail our shared Democratic values and policy priorities.

For Dorchester County, the committee holds meet the candidate events, provides information on voter registration, communicates various issues to the citizens of Dorchester, holds Get Out The Vote community gatherings, and rallies support for candidates and issues to insure democrats are elected to office.